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So, it turns out the "edit" and "delete" buttons are right next to each other here on Booklikes, and if you're not careful you might just hit the wrong one.  That's good to know. 


Reasons Why Goodreads May Be Superior Despite All The Shitty Stuff, #43.


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WELL WELL WELL, Goodreads has been busy.

Go on, check your books. Any book you've added, under any shelf, now has a little summary in the review space saying "[Book Title] by [Author] is on [your name]'s [To-Read/Read/Etc.] shelf.. Shelves: [all other shelves listed]." Even on actual reviews, this shows up at the bottom.

Neat, huh? I never understood how shelves and stars worked before this. Thanks, Goodreads!



Jacob's review of


Jacob's review of Pride and Prejudice


Update: It's only a bug!  Watch your sass, Jason!


Update Update: Oh hey, it's gone now.  Goodreads actually fixed something! I'm astounded.


Update Update Update: Hide the evidence!